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Working Breakfast head to the Algarve again.

Working Breakfast head to the Algarve again. When Peter started all those years ago he soon discovered the benefits of breakfast networking. Hard to believe that setting the alarm for 6am is a good way to get new business, but it was one of the best lessons he learned.

Starting as a bit of a networking tart Peter soon learned that there were two parts to networking groups. There were the members growing their business (or not) by getting up early one morning a week to network, and the people who owned the group who took a large part of the, typically £500 pa membership fee to grow their business.

The first group worked hard to make their group the best to help increase the number of referrals / leads passed between members, while the second work to grow the number of groups so they can fill them with people who can not get into the good groups.

A few years ago a small number of members of  such a group decided there was another way – and Working Breakfast was born ( ). As well as being one of the most successful networking groups in the country with over 2000 leads passed so far this year between the 25 to 30 members, we only pay £250 a year membership and most of that goes towards the annual overseas networking trip.

So if you want to get into good networking, why not come along to a Working Breakfast meeting. Set the alarm early on a Thursday and get to the Regency Hotel on London Road, Leicester, for 6.45 to 7.00 am. You will meet a great bunch of business people who really know how to network and are happy to help members and visitors alike. If you do join us then you too could be enjoying winter sun with other members.

The only downside to making the effort is that if your trade or proffession is already represented, you will always be disapointed by the group that you do join, but don’t let that stop you giving Working Breakfast a try.

  • Good riddance to my horrible scuff! Quickly and effiently done! Car looks like new too! Mike Carlington Qashqai paint repair
    Good riddance to my horrible scuff! Quickly and effiently done! Car looks like new too!