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The joy that is T-cut

JaguarXFTCI see it about once a quarter, the solution our fathers passed on to us, the abrasive cream in the back of the garage.

There is a place for such products, mostly a generation ago, for removing light scratches; but if it is possible to catch your finger nail in the scratch it is almost certainly too deep for this sort of repair.

Here is a link to the Scuff Sorter Facebook page for a recent repair. A Jaguar XF rear wheel arch where the lacquer and paint have been removed and it’s also cut into the primer.

It is often possible to carry out a cheaper repair before the abrasive is used and as I only operate in the Leicester area just give me a call on 07802 685 869, and I will do my best to help and will always offer the most cost effective solution

  • Awesome service! made it look like it never happened!¬†Fast, efficient, effective and affordable. Mark Perkins Bumper Scuff
    Awesome service! made it look like it never happened! Fast, efficient, effective and affordable.