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Subaru doors have paintwork repaired in LE4

Subaru doors have paintwork repaired in LE4. Many cars have had their paintwork repaired by Peter and it is always nice to get new Customers, but it is especially nice when a Customer calls you back for a second or third time. This well tuned Scooby was repaired earlier in the year following an outbreak of “carpark rash.” This time some kind soul managed to rub their bumper along the drivers side, damaging both doors below the waist-line. Though the damage looked slight, the dents had to be filled and a little rust removed before painting could start and it is then that the full extent of the damage could be seen. Though just called Green by Subaru, this metalic colour has to be mixed to suit the car, this ensures the best possible result. As you can see in the pictures, just as an area is pushed in so another area is pushed out, this is why the repair area is often larger than a Customer would expect, and why many DIY repairs do not look so good!

  • Awesome service! made it look like it never happened!¬†Fast, efficient, effective and affordable. Mark Perkins Bumper Scuff
    Awesome service! made it look like it never happened! Fast, efficient, effective and affordable.