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Should Peter leave a card?

Should Peter leave a card? Car parks, both public and private are places Peter spends a lot of time in. And we all know when we visit a car park, we will see many examples of damage to paintwork that Peter could repair. Should Peter put a business card under a wiper blade?

If you have found this site you probably already know how to get such damage fixed at reasonable cost but, despite that, there are lots of people out there who still think the only solution is a few days in a body shop, a big bill and no guarantee of a good colour match.

If you visited a car park in Leicester City, how would you react to one of Peter’s cards being tucked under your wiper blade, why not let him know.

  • Awesome service! made it look like it never happened!¬†Fast, efficient, effective and affordable. Mark Perkins Bumper Scuff
    Awesome service! made it look like it never happened! Fast, efficient, effective and affordable.