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Secret Santa?

Secret Santa?

Well not really, but it is certainly a secret, hence no pictures. New cars often seem to get scuffed simply because they are new and the owner / driver is not familiar with the extremities. This was the case in point, the corners were not quite were expected. The quote was done at work and the diary was juggled so the repair could be carried out ASAP, which meant that there was a sleepless weekend hoping the partner would not spot the reason for parking the car so close to the garden fence.

Well the job was carried out at the owners place of work and by the time I’d finished the owner was not even sure where the damage had been when showing a colleague what I had been doing.

Result. If you have suffered a scuff or scrape to your pride and joy, then give me a call on 07802 685 869 and I will do my best to keep your secret!

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  • Awesome service! made it look like it never happened!¬†Fast, efficient, effective and affordable. Mark Perkins Bumper Scuff
    Awesome service! made it look like it never happened! Fast, efficient, effective and affordable.