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Barber Wire Fence

Mercedes 0, Barbed Wire Fence 1

Very often my Customers do not know how the damage happened to their pride and joy, they come back to the car at the supermarket or office car park to find the damage and no note under the wiper.

That was not the case here when the unfortunate driver lost control on a country road and put the front end of their Mercedes through a barbed wire fence. As you can see there are a lot of deep scratches over the front off side of the car bumper, wing and bonnet but no dents. Careful work with filler, primer and sander took most of the day to get the surface prepared for paint. Mixing the correct version of Cosmos Black paint ensured a good match and a clear coat brought the shine up to as new.

In the unlikely event that you have driven through a barbed wire fence, give me a call on 07802 685 869 and I will do my best to help you.

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  • Awesome service! made it look like it never happened!¬†Fast, efficient, effective and affordable. Mark Perkins Bumper Scuff
    Awesome service! made it look like it never happened! Fast, efficient, effective and affordable.