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Badges and Paintwork Repair

Badges and Paintwork Repair


This Ford Fiesta had it’s rear hatch and bumper damaged while parked in a supermarket car park. When the owner returned to load the car, there was, surprise surprise, no note under the wiper.

The repair itself is quite straight forward, but to get the best result, the tricky part is the location of, not one but 2 badges. The “TDCi” ¬†badge is a one piece affair, but the “TITANIUM” badge is 8 separate letters! If the job is going to look good at the end then it is VERY important that the badges line up at the end.

ALWAYS take a picture before you start removing badges so that you have a point of reference ¬†when the time comes to replace them. Two techniques were used on this job. The tape to the right of the repair has a line to help line up the “TDCi” badge and the “IUM” will be used to line up the rest of the name badge.

Badge removal is made much easier if you apply a little heat, this is best done with a heat gun, though you can get away with a hair drier. This will soften the double sided foam tape used for almost all badges these days. Don’t get them too hot or the plastic ones might melt and you might burn your fingers on the metal ones. Use a plastic scraper to help with removal, NOT a metal one.

After the repair has been completed comes the time to replace the badges. First thing is, don’t apply wax to the repair until after re-fixing. Replace the double sided foam tape with some fresh stuff and we will start with the “TDCi” badge. Check the photo you took at the beginning and with a straight edge, line up the badge and touch the bottom edge to the panel then apply firm pressure to the whole badge.

For the name badge I tend to use a straight edge held against the bottom edges of the remaining letters, but it is often easier to use a length of masking tape while you practice. Use the reference letters and / or photo and for spacing and again start at the bottom edge and apply firm pressure. Take your time and it should all work out fine.

Carefully wax the repair area around the badges and try not to stress the badges for a few days until the adhesive develops it’s full strength, i.e. avoid the jet wash.

I hope that helped, and if not, you can always get Scuff Sorter to fix it for you.

  • Good riddance to my horrible scuff! Quickly and effiently done! Car looks like new too! Mike Carlington Qashqai paint repair
    Good riddance to my horrible scuff! Quickly and effiently done! Car looks like new too!